In line with our strategy, L-Station has launched several projects related to the development and support of early-career researchers, engaging in systems creation, planning, and management.

Positioning tenure-track as the foundation of projects to train and support early-career researchers, the University has engaged in the promotion and establishment of a university-wide tenure-track system while receiving support from the Hokkaido University Basic and Interdisciplinary Sciences Leader Development System (a project supporting the creation of independent research environments for early-career researchers) (2007–2011) and the Hokkaido University Tenure-Track Promotion Program (a program to promote and establish tenure-track systems) (2011–2019).

In addition, in partnership with Tohoku University and Nagoya University, we are working on the Formulation of a Comprehensive Cooperative System for Fostering Researchers with Doctoral Degrees (a project creating a consortium for science and technology personnel development) (2014–2021). These projects will continue to be funded by the University’s own budget even after the subsidy period expires.

In 2022, we began operating the Ambitious Special Assistant Professor system to support the diverse careers of doctoral human resources.

A long-term and stable base for the promotion of activities will be indispensable for promoting personnel development at the university-wide level. To that end, L-Station is working to train and support early-career researchers as leading actors in these projects.