“FY2023 Financial Support Systems for Young Researchers” recruitment started

May 23, 2023
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L-Station provides the “Support system for holding an international research meeting etc.” and the “Support system for collaborative research” to promote research and improve the leadership skills of young researchers who will lead the next generation, and to promote skill development through on-the-job training. The support system guidelines for FY2023 are as shown in the link below, and those who wish to use the system are requested to apply by filling out the prescribed form.



Faculty members of our University who fall under the following categories

・Tenure-Track faculty members (not applicable to Ambitious Tenure-Track faculty members),

・Young researchers participating in our consortium

・Ambitious Special Assistant Professors


Details of the support systems

Support system for holding an international research meeting etc. (Support budget amount: up to 500,000 yen per proposal)

We will support the expenses (international travel expenses for invitees, communication costs and online materials costs, etc.) for holding an international research meeting at Hokkaido University organized by the researchers.

The research meeting has to be held by the end of January, 2024


Support system for collaborative research (Support budget amount: up to 1 million yen per proposal)

We will support the research expenses (travel expenses, expenses for the production of a demonstration prototype, etc.) when collaborating with researchers from other institutions.

This support system also evaluates the diversity of collaborative research members.



The deadline for applications is the end of each month until the end of November 2023, and applications will be accepted at any time. (The first application is due at the end of June.)

* However, applications will be closed when the total budget limit is reached. (We will let you know on this page.)


Please see the following page for more information.


“Accepting applications” (Available within the Campus)